AI-powered visual inspection

Fast, Effortless and Industrial grade



Detect defects automatically with

extremely high accuracy

and a small amount of data.



Build a robust defect identification, using

standard cameras and the latest in deep learning

architectures, with our propriety approach

to data augmentation.

An innovative approach to image segmentation

and background subtraction, offering robust

and multi segmentation label models.


See your AI in action

Macula AI features an interactive monitoring tool gathering all the connected cameras to give you a snapshot of the system at any given time. With this tool, you will be able to manage the configured cameras, monitor your ongoing operations, and see the AI inference in real-time.

Federate Multiple AI Agents

Macula AI brings all your AI initiatives together under a single interface where you can evaluate their performance at a glance. This board also allows you to download reports in CSV and PDF format for in-depth analysis and to get precise insights into your operations.

Synth DB: Proprietary Synthetic Data Technology

Highest Accuracy with only a few samples

Deep Learning algorithms traditionally require a large number of images to perform an accurate detection, classification, or localization. Competitors will ask you to provide a large and balanced dataset that most of the manufacturers do not necessarily have. Our Synth DB technology allows you to be operational with very low requirements in terms of data.

Handle highly variable defects detection

Our powerful Deep Learning engine is able to learn and recognize defects even when those defects could be visually variant (welding cases for example).

Features and add-ons

Modular and Complete

Macula SaaS


Macula SaaS comes with a Turn-key and accurate AI model ready to be operationalized in your facility

Explainable AI


Explainable AI engine allows you to visually discern the AI internal functioning evolution to better understand its decision.



Annotator add-on help your operators to wisely build and manage annotated data assets



Our Auto-ML add-on allows you to design your own AI model without programming


Deploy it on Edge

Macula AI is made for High Availability and Reliability

Powered by

the world’s No 1

industrial edge device


Your industrial automation ally

Macula AI supports your digitization journey at different maturity levels toward full industrial automation

Try it before deploying it


Our team will build an AI model for you to test within a few days*


Our AI experts will adjust your AI models to your specific use cases


Once you approve it, our team will connect Macula AI into your facilities


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Dataperformers is a World-class operational AI leader dedicated to leveraging Deep Learning and Machine Learning latest approaches to solve engineering problems for high-tech and global organizations


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